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Over To You Now as Single?

According to newest rumors one plans apparently, after "And Then We Kiss" was already called as advertising medium for "Remixed", to strike the hippen Dance Song "Over To You Now" also still on the Remix album and to make a single from it. This seems in view of the publication of the TRACK in Japan as bonuses of the "Someday (I will understand)" single however as very questionable.

12.10.05 09:56

No trace of separation...

Since the birth of its son Sean Preston Britney and Kevin in the public were not nearly no more sighted. Now Kevin dared a small trip, in order to cover itself up with cigarettes. From at home it was escorted by a police car, which should keep the Paparazzi as far as possible distance. It is called, Brit and Kev with US a magazine a worth millions Deal for the first photo of its common son negotiated. Perhaps it was also a general sample for Britneys next public occurrence to keep away in order to see whether the sensation reporters succeed from the Promi pair.

Here see the pictures

11.10.05 18:07

Normal childhood for the small Preston

Britney Spears would like the fact that her 3-weeks age son has a normal childhood - and becomes not famous.

The Popqueen which told its friends allegedly that she does not wish that their son steps into their footprint , expressed in the new expenditure of the "Elle" magazine: "a Entertainer to be, particularly if one began already very young, gives to satisfy you the need everything and then becomes you what they want to see." In addition the beautiful singer told that she hopes that the marrying and nut/mother its help her thereby on the soil to remain and not so "influenceable and manipulatable be".

In the meantime Britney gives million of DOL-learns out over after the pregnancy its old figure to recover. It has a team engaged by nourishing and training expert over again in form to come with hope next spring the Charts in the storm to conquer. A friend told the English "DAILY Star" magazine: "it is it no matter how much it costs. It must come again into form and sing back on the stage over and dance. It is glad to spend the money so long it is worthwhile oneself."


11.10.05 10:37

Someday Best OF from Japan

In Japan a further edition of a Greatest hit of album of Britney Spears appeared apparent. After in the previous year already ' Greatest hit: My Prerogative ' like the fire-brigade on the asiatic island state went off and with prices and/or platinum was even several times distinguished, appeared now a three-part ' Someday (I wants and-arose) ' Best OF.

The album consisting of three CDs contains including unites Remixen altogether 56 Songs. There is the TRACKS of the first four albums, plus ' My Prerogative ' and ' Someday (I wants and-arose) ' as well as few Remixen.

Source: Chaotic
10.10.05 20:33

Singlecharts Greece

This week entered ' Someday (I will understand) now also into the single Charts of Greece and provides for a further Top 10 hit for Britney. The Maxi creates the direct entrance as highest new A risers at place 8!

Source: Chaotic
10.10.05 20:32

Kevin lets Britney sit?!?!?!?

Pop princess Britney Spears is to have been left by its man Kevin feather/spring LINE.
Only feather/spring LINE is taken 20 days off after the birth common of the child Preston Michael, as "express-on-line" announced on weekend. Friends
the pair reported, Spears married man had left almost escape-like the house.

Only speculations over the reasons
Over the reasons there are so far only speculations. A Insider designated that
Dancer as "Rotzloeffel" and as a "child, for whom Britney" had itself to care. Possibly feel Kevin now, since the small Preston is there, no longer enough considered.
US media continued to speculate: Sexually the 27-Jaehrige of its Britney could have become ueberdruessig. The two had always geschwaermt over the Sex in the pregnancy. That could have changed now.

Pregnant woman friend sit-let

Feather/spring LINE had his pregnant woman ex friend Shar Jackson one year ago already sit let - and to Britney had pulled.

Source: britney
10.10.05 20:31

Mummy Britney

It will never end. Britney as Barbie doll and this times also still with three children, certainly should be one of the children Sean Preston. And then man sees it already again to Schwanger! Who also this did not make I would say the Britney and Sean Preston similarities in the picture would have!

Source of picture:
Source of text: Britney
10.10.05 20:27

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